Chocolate Berry Tower Cake

I love working with chocolate.

I usually end up with chocolate all up my arms, my apron, my legs – okay, I openly admit that I’m a messy cook! I’m getting better the more I work with it.

I created 150 two tone chocolate Gatsby cupcake toppers last year – the fridge was brimming and I got through so many piping bags. The white chocolate casing on my Ultimate Death by Chocolate Cake is still one of my prouder moments. Very delicate, time consuming and I had to have oh so much patience.

20170807_212959This masterpiece was inspired by Pinterest.

The inner; four layers of chocolate sponge, vanilla buttercream with a fresh cherry filling.

The decoration; a small box of Ferrero Rocher, two bars of generic fruit and nut, a bar of dark chocolate melted, half a bar of white chocolate for drizzle, punnet of strawberries, punnet of blackcberries and two curly-whirleys.

The whole concept was to take the cake to new heights with angles and colours.

My client/ best friend Lucie had insisted her birthday cake included fresh fruit (and in this she has three types) with an overall impressive chocolate work. It certainly had the wow factor and tasted like a black forest gateaux -without the fresh cream for a longer lasting fridge life!

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