Chocolate Berry Tower Cake

I love working with chocolate. I usually end up with chocolate all up my arms, my apron, my legs – okay, I openly admit that I’m a messy cook! I’m getting better the more I work with it. I created 150 two tone chocolate Gatsby cupcake toppers last year – the fridge was brimming and…

It Just Takes Four…?

When one cake just isn’t enough! The problem with making a cake and taking it to my parents house, is that my siblings eat everything within one afternoon. And I’m not talking about cupcakes – they wouldn’t even touch the sides! My dad complains that I should make at least two cakes whenever I come…

Ultimate Death by Chocolate Cake

When one type of chocolate just isn’t enough…. This is a rich, sticky chocolate cake with a thick chocolate buttercream icing and delicate chocolate outer detailing. The white chocolate detailing can be of any design, this particular one has a rough flower outline.  The fresh strawberries create a striking contrast – and taste AMAZING too!…

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake with Whipped Cream and Cherry Centre, Chocolate Frosting

Katie’s 21st Birthday Cake

Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Cream Frosting; White Chocolate Exterior including KitKat, Fingers, Buttons, Lindt and handmade fondant icing flowers.