Gingerbread Hotel 2018

This year’s Christmas Gingerbread Showstopper goes to…..

The Grand Hotel Brighton


I have been partaking in a mentoring scheme with Alan White, head chef at the Grand Brighton. When Alan asked me to work on the decoration for the Christmas Cake topper, there was really only one thing I could make!

Built by John Whichcord Junior in 1864, The Grand Brighton is an iconic luxury independent hotel standing center stage on the on Brighton Seafront. It has recently undergone and full facade restoration so what better way to celebrate than by recreating through gingerbread!

Not knowing how large the Christmas cake would be, I built the structure in four sections. As with all bespoke designs, this was first designed on paper, laminated and then used as the cutting template.

Each gingerbread piece is cut before baking. Once cooled, I iced each piece individually before constructing into the 3D sections.

The Gingerbread Hotel has been put out on display for Christmas residents to guess the weight of the cake for a chance to win!


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