Luxury Gingerbread House


Gingerbread House

 Our Luxury Gingerbread Houses are available in a variety of designs, completely bespoke to each individuals requests.

They make lovely gifts, centerpieces, raffle items and corporate event pieces available in a variety of themes to suit every occasion.

Christmas, Halloween, House-warming, Birthdays and more!

This design comes on a 12inch base

Bespoke detailing includes;

  • General outer design
  • Inner/outer lighting options
  • Variety of decorative items;candies, chocolate, biscuit, icings
  • The option to have the house filled with your favourite sweet treats!

Client Testimonial:

Alicia got in contact with me from a company called BlueRubicon requesting a luxury Gingerbread House for a client event. She didn’t really have any specific requests on decoration, just that it be particularly colourful!

“Charlotte helped us turn around a beautiful luxury gingerbread house for a client event in less than 48 hours! She came to the rescue and delivered over and above our expectations with an incredible result, complete with lights and little gingerbread people as well – the icing on the cake!”

Gingerbread House 1

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