Bespoke Gingerbread House

Christmas Time

A time for Sharing, Caring and Cake! 

10877651_10155126956635556_839227174_nOur bespoke gingerbread houses are modelled on real life buildings to create the perfect display centerpiece to your Christmas table. All 100% Edible with your favourite candy exterior and inner LED lighting! No preservatives are used in the making and the highest quality ingredients used. 

photo-3This particular design was a replica model of a North London house.

My client Michelle, wished to surprise her friend with a personalized design of her house for her Christmas table.



How did I do it…… 

She provided me with three photographs; two of the property front and one the back. She wanted the detailing of the front door wreath, trees, a chocolate button roof, edible windows with inner LED lights and anything else that was particularly festive! 

STEP ONE: Template Design

10888242_10155162277225556_709815675_nWe decided to go for base size of 18 x 24 inches to create a suitable centerpiece size display and room for fine detailing. 

As with any good building project, we start off with a blue print/ design template.

The time for this is usually one day, dependent on the complexity of design.

STEP TWO: The Finer Details

In this instance we had swirly trees – made from fudge pieces and green icing, a front door wreath from toffee and icing, some toffee reindeer and a toffee back garden table. 



Always the messy part of the procedure with Golden Syrup spreading everywhere! This part is fairly messy so no photos were taken of the actual baking – but here are all the pieces once baked!


STEP FOUR: Decoration

Fine Icing Details for windows and exterior panelling. Fiddly with accuracy required, time consuming but totally worth it!



This is where I must become the most patient. The icing takes a while to set firmly so each piece must be stable before adding a secondary piece/ structure. You can see below I have threaded the LED lights throughout the building with the operational switch accessible through an open door at the back. I have also added a fudge support pillar for the heaviest roofing panel.



I REI allow a whole day for the entire structure to set firmly before delivery. Packaging includes and cellophane wrap, giant bow and personalised label.

Interested in having your house made into gingerbread?!

Get in touch on our contact page

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